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Maggie Smith filming Downton Abbey at Cogges Manor Farm - 9th July, 2014.

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Is this an instrument of communication or torture?

Laura Carmichael is also savouring working with Dame Maggie Smith. “I was recently sent an amusing picture of a cat, as one is these days, and I showed it to her and she fell around laughing,” she says. “And for the rest of the week it started every morning with ‘show me the cat again.’ So it’s now become my thing that I try to find hilarious animals to show round.”

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Laurence Olivier presents Maggie Smith to Queen Elizabeth II at the film premiere of Othello (1965).

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Harry Potter Challenge: Favorite Order of the Phoenix member: Minerva McGonagall

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Maggie Smith, photographed in 1958.

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Maggie Smith, photographed in 1960.

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Maggie Smith attends Wimbledon on ladies semi-finals day - 3rd July, 2014.

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